HIPUR Self-Supporting Modular Structure “FUNCTIONALITY AND DESIGN”. Functionality, insulation and aesthetics.

Complying with current European Standards, including EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011 (METALLIC STEEL STRUCTURES) mandatory since 01/07/2014. Patented, designed and manufactured with galvanised steel metal profiles DX51D or vertical carbon steel DD12 1500 mm high (Pillars); our wide variety of geometries allows us to make specific configurations for each installation, thus obtaining the largest possible gap for the subsequent installation of the lift and facilitating its assembly. The horizontal metal profiles are installed every 1500 mm in height (sleepers); this element also has a wide variety of geometries (its measurements vary depending on the design, use of the lift and assembly). The union between these 2 construction elements is made by means of screws and is fixed to the structure of the building or staircase strips by means of resistant mechanical anchors and screws.

Product Certified by the Madrid College of Architects (2/10/2007 COAM. TL/035963/2009) and the Madrid College of Engineers (COIIM. 200713773), of the resistance capacity to compression in a permanent situation and variable loads exerted by the lift and the Structure itself, as well as Certification of panel resistance according to UNE-EN-81-1 and 2 Section 5.3.1.

The panels are finished with single-layer panels manufactured entirely by the HIPUR Group itself with DX51D galvanised steel fixing combs screwed to the structure. Its composition in expanded polystyrene + mesh + single-layer mortar in a colour chosen by the Client, offers a wide variety of possibilities that achieve the total integration of the Structure with the building, thus forming a closed and watertight shaft for the subsequent assembly of equipment with the specific characteristics defined by the Manufacturer of the lift in question.

The final finish of the Structure is painted in polyester in the cabin, for interiors or exteriors in RAL colour (Standard 183 colours) or optionally in non-standard colours and finishes to be determined by the Client. Exterior upper enclosure in sheet metal of the same colour and shape as the rest of the Structure with a single slope for water evacuation and specific slots for shaft ventilation.

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