Stairway Demolition (Buildings without Lifts)

A large part of the buildings in our cities of old construction do not have a lift inside. This does not mean that they cannot have a lift for the comfort and accessibility of the residents. At HIPUR GROUP we think about people and we provide vertical accessibility solutions.

With the advice of the appropriate architectural studios, official bodies and our collaborators, we carry out the necessary work to study the viability of the project and choose the option that best adapts to the building in question, altering its main structure as little as possible at an architectural level and with the least visual impact.

In response to this need, more than 5 years ago, HIPUR GROUP came up with a solution to eliminate this limitation. The installation of Modular Assembly Systems in Buildings with Stairway demolition to install our product and a lift.

These modular assembly systems are easily carried out by our qualified personnel and provide high resistance for the subsequent installation of the lift. Our DEM Accessibility Products adapt to the majority of existing buildings that do not have a lift. In this way we eliminate architectural barriers in buildings that lack vertical transport.

Our commitment is always total and we provide the best solution adapted to the requirements of the work to be carried out.

Since then, we have carried out more than 200 stairway demolitions throughout Spain and abroad and we continue to improve and design new, increasingly efficient products.